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Buy Weed Cans on one of the best marijuana online stores.

Marijuana is growing up and getting legal, but it’s still often packaged in plastic baggies. Now there’s a mature manufacturing solution to aid the budding industry.

Buy weed cans online

At Honest Marijuana Co., environmental responsibility shapes not only the cultivation of numerous strains of cannabis. Also, how the company packages them. In August 2016, the company introduced sustainable packaging drawn straight from the food industry: metal cans.

However, the packaging design, an unusual one for cannabis, protects the marijuana from crushing. And, defends against the deleterious effects of light and moisture. In addition, the hermetically sealed packaging also protects the product from oxygen; the filled cans are flushed with nitrogen prior to lidding.

No chemicals leach from the can material, even in fluctuating temperatures, which safeguards product aroma and integrity. According to Honest Marijuana Co., the package (unopened) can preserve cannabis flowers for years.

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