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Banana MAC Strain buds are indica in appearance, with heavy-set vibrant nugs featuring green and copper hues.

The buds were presented well, hand-trimmed, with trichomes glistening as I inspected the sample. It reminded me of the colours of the MAC, but with more of the Kush bud structure.


This strain gives off hints of earthy, organic notes, kush (Master Kush, specifically) with ripe fruit (banana) and even some meaty (beef) notes giving it a weird but intriguing smell.

Underneath that is a familiar, friendly dankness that intensifies as the bud is broken apart and ground up.

Banana MAC Strain Taste

The Banana MAC didn’t present a lot of flavours when smoke through my bong, but the vaporiser gave me various flavour notes expected from the smell – kush, fruit and beef.

Note: Multiple people have commented under the video review saying the meaty taste could be the result of fertilisers used in the growing process.

Banana MAC Strain Effects

The Banana MAC effects hit like a freight train – creeping along at 10mph.

It felt strong a few minutes after smoking and vaping, but after 10 minutes, I felt relatively normal. Then, over the next 20 mins or so I got increasingly high in both body and mind.

As well as a heavy body-stone, I got a mind blanking head high that made me feel super chilled and left me thinking that this strain could be good for anxiety, insomnia and maybe even paranoia.


Banana MAC is an interesting strain, for sure. Whilst the flavour of this one was not up there with some of the ZkittleZ crosses I have been sampling recently, it looked good, and the high was one of my favourites with creeping, heavy-hitting power and kush-familiar effects.

Banana MAC is certainly a strain I hope to see more of in the future.


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